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photoartlounge's Journal

Photo art lounge - an 18+ photography community
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The Rules:

By joining this community you are agreeing to the terms below. Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal of your comment/post and termination of your membership.

This is a moderated membership community. To apply for membership, use the join function and email the moderators with your LJ username and a sample of your work. If you are under 18 years of age, do not apply. If you do not have a valid birthdate in your info, do not apply. Your membership will not be approved.

This community allows but is not restricted to nude photography. Please take this into consideration when viewing this community, and do not yell at other members because you were looking at nude pictures at work or in front of your children.

All work posted must be owned by you or have express permission of the photographer to be posted.

Self portraits are allowed. Crappy webcam photos or other "camwhore" posts are not.

You may post links to other communities or websites, but excessive advertising is not permitted.

If you are posting more than one image, please use an LJ cut. Images not behind cut should be no more than 640x480 pixels.

Please be constructive but not rude. Sexual advances are not permitted. The photographers want to hear feedback about their photos, not about their or the model's looks/body.

Have fun and happy shooting!